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Follow Up your invoices through our Invoice Status Tool

What is our Invoice Status Tool (IST)?

IST, is the Smith & Nephew self- service portal offered to suppliers for immediate and up-to-date information on the status of invoices and payments. IST is powered by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

IST offers our suppliers an improved experience in following up on invoices and validating account statements. It is the fastest and most straight forward way to reach Accounts Payable teams in Smith & Nephew Business Services for any AP queries.

It is our preferred method for suppliers to contact Smith & Nephew Accounts Payable. Where IST is available, all suppliers contacting Smith & Nephew will be requested to use it prior to contacting us on any other channel. Click here to find out if IST is available in your area.

Features of IST include:

  • Web-based access from laptops, tablets and smart phones
  • Flexibility to check online (24x7 availability) whether your invoice has been received, processed or paid 
  • Suppliers can validate/reconcile account statements directly through the portal
  • Suppliers can configure automated notifications
  • Suppliers can submit and track follow-up queries directly to the correct Smith & Nephew Accounts Payable team
  • IST is secured and password protected
  • IST is multilingual.  


Where is it available?

IST is currently available in these areas, and will soon be expanded elsewhere.


How do I use IST?

You can choose be a registered user, or to just have simple, quick guest access as an un-registered user.

Registration is simple

  1. register for Smith & Nephew invoice status toolClick here to access our IST User Registration form (it is also available from the home page of  IST)
  2. On the home page, click User Registration 
  3. Select "User Type" Supplier user and enter S&N in the "Customer ID" field
  4. Enter your company & personal details
  5. Submit the form to receive an email confirmation with details on completing your registration
  6. You will then have access to all the features of IST


Rather not register?

quick access to check my invoiceYou don't need to register with IST if you only need quick access to a specific invoice, and you have your details to hand

  1. Click here to enter IST
  2. Click on the red "Invoice Status Check" button 
  3. Enter the details requested (including invoice number, your company details) 
  4. Submit the form to see the status of your invoice


Need Help With IST?

There is a detailed user guide to Smith & Nephew IST available here,

If you have any further questions or other issues, you can contact our IST customer response centre in your area:

Purchase order terms & conditions

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Payment Terms

Beginning Monday 23 October 2017, all purchase orders and new contracts will carry Net 60 day payment terms, unless there is an alternative payment term already agreed in written active contracts.

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